Mount Conversion Service

Change your mind? Change you mount.

Introducing Lens Mount Conversion, only from Sigma.

1| Service Concept
2| Service Overview
3| FAQ

1 | Service Concept

We believe that a lens is not only a key device for photographic expression, but also an important resource for photographers. It has been our hope to develop the lens system that is genuinely photographer-centered, and you can enjoy it for a longer period of time. As an experienced lens manufacturer that has been creating a diverse range of interchangeable lenses, our desire and know-how is crystalized in this unique paid service, “Mount Conversion Service”*. With this service, the mount of your owned SIGMA lenses can be converted to another mount system, depending on the specification of the camera bodies.

* This “Mount Conversion Service” is different from a normal repair. In order to apply for the service, please contact your nearest authorized subsidiary / distributor of SIGMA.

Does the camera define the value of your lenses?

The lens you have chosen amongst the others has been used to capture various scenes. The quality that makes taking exact shots you desired possible, the handling you are so familiar with – we are sure that these elements have become a unique character of the lens and have made you feel an even deeper attachment.

Interchangeable lens camera systems appear to be superior in offering photographers more options, allowing them to change lenses freely and have more flexible photographic expression. Nevertheless, each interchangeable lens is limited with the specification of different camera systems. In other words, you can’t use those lenses if you change it from one type to another.

Although lenses are the key devices to create photographic expression, it is a shame that there is no system that purely sets the standard based on the functions and individual qualities of interchangeable lenses.

A lens is your precious resource. Carry it with you longer.

SIGMA has never stopped thinking of ways to create lenses that ensure photographers get the shots they desire and to use for many years, and that they truly require for their own photographic expression.

As an experienced lens manufacturer that has been creating a diverse range of interchangeable lenses, we are proud to introduce the “Mount Conversion Service”. With this service, the mount of your current SIGMA lenses can be changed to another mount of your choice. This service gives a new life to your favorite lenses when you wish to use it on a different camera body.

*This service will be available from September 2nd, 2013

With this service, the mount of your current SIGMA lenses can be changed to another mount of your choice. This service gives a new life to your favorite lenses when you wish to use it on a different camera body.

To ensure your lenses remain yours to use for many years. To achieve a lens system that reflects your preference and interest. We hope you will make use of the SIGMA “Mount Conversion Service”.

For further information, please click the link below.

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2 | Service Overview

All lenses from SIGMA’s new three product lines (Art, Contemporary, Sports) will qualify for this paid “Mount Conversion Service”. It enables customers to convert the mount of their current lenses, and we will change the relevant parts for a different mount and its internal core system accordingly.

Contents of Service:

1| Subject parts to change

Currently, the following lenses from those three product lines are eligible for this service:

[Interchangeable lenses for SLR / DSLR cameras] (As of August, 2013)

[Interchangeable lenses for Mirrorless cameras] (As of August)

Interchangeable lenses for SLR / DSLR cameras (DC / DG lens) are eligible for conversion to the following mount system.

Interchangeable lenses for Mirrorless cameras (DN lens) are eligible for conversion to the following mount system.

It is not possible to convert a lens to a mount that SIGMA has not released.

The exclusive specification, such as OS function, is subject to adjustment after converting the mount.

2| Date to launch the service

September 2nd, 2013 (in Japan).

3| Cost

This is a paid service regardless of the warranty period of the product. Please ask about costs in your local service.

For Costumers from Poland (K-Consult distribution): please see polish version of this page.

4| How long the service takes?

It is dependent on countries and territories.

In Japan, it is expected to take about 2 weeks. (Please confirm it when you apply for this service.)

5| How we conduct the service

Please contact your nearest authorized SIGMA service station. For this service, it is essential to have necessary optimization and adjustment at the Aizu factory after changing the mount and the internal core system. Thus, please contact your nearest authorized service center and send your lens to our partners in respective countries.

6| Warranty Period

The warranty period after the Mount Conversion will depend on each country’s law. We will check and ensure that the optical performance of all mount converted products remains the same using our original measurement system A1 (Aizu 1).

Products not eligible for the service

Tele-converter, USB DOCK and other accessory parts are not eligible for this Mount Conversion Service.

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3 | FAQ

FAQ for End-user

1| With this service, can I exchange my lens for a new lens?

No, we will only replace the key components and mount part of your lens. Optimization will be performed so that you can use it on your new camera.

2| Are all the Sigma lenses supported by this service?

Only Sigma lenses from our new three product lines (Contemporary, Art and Sports) will be eligible.

3| Can I request to convert to any mount of my choice?

Yes, as long as the lens in the requested mount has been released by SIGMA as a product.

4| Is it possible to revert to the original mount?

Yes, please request the paid service again, and we will proceed another mount conversion as a new request with new charge.

5| Are there any restrictions of function after the mount conversion?

No. The function of the lens will be same as the product with the mount that has been released by SIGMA.

6| Is there any risk of performance degradation after the mount conversion?

Please be assured that mount conversion will be completed on the basis of the measuring system and concept exactly the same as our new three product lines.

7| Does the serial number change after the mount conversion?

No. Serial number will remain the same as your original lens.

8| How much does Mount Conversion Service cost? (with warranty & outside of warranty)

This is a paid service regardless of warranty. For details, please contact your nearest country representative directly

9| How long will mount conversion take?

It will depend on the days required for general repair in each country.

10| When I consider to get the mount of my lens converted in the future, would it be still possible to do after a certain time from the point of my purchase?

We will support lenses for 5 years after they have been discontinued.

11| How can I request this service?

Please contact your nearest country representative directly.


FAQ for Distributor Internal use

12| How can we, as distributor proceed this service ?

Please refer the flow chart. Before you send the lens to Japan, make sure to contact then we will give further instruction.

13| What would be the cost of MCS ?

Please refer “MCS_Service cost_20130723”.

When you announce this service, Sigma would like to ask you to announce total cost including service, shipping, VAT or TAX, and distributor’s margin to the market.

Please check and calculate the total cost that you will offer to the market.

14| How long will Mount Conversion Service take ?

It will take about two weeks in our factory after receiving the lens from you. And once completing MCS, we will return the lens to you by combining to the nearest commercial shipment.

15| Can we handle this service at our own service center ?

TBD. For your information, to proceed this service, your service station needs to have Housing with mount, OS unit, Board as well as to rewrite the data. Therefore, once we have prepared, we ask each of you to take care of the procedure. Until then, please send the lenses to Japan.

16| Depending on mount type, there are OS and non-OS versions. How do you manage such case?

It will depend on each product’s specifications. (Eg. 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC MACRO. If Canon will be changed to Sony, it will be non-OS with a different switch part.)

17| I heard that serial number will not change. What happens if the engraved part needs to be exchanged?

We will ask you to exchange with a part with same serial number engraved.

18| When the mount is changed for example on the 35mmF1.4 from Nikon to Canon, the serial number may already exist for the Canon version of this lens and there would be a duplicate. How will you avoid such problem ?

All SGV products have 8 digits serial number, and they are unique to each lens itself. Therefore there will be no possibility of duplicate.

19| How do you apply warranty if it is considered to be a “new” product? Will new warranty be provided?

It should be treated same as warranty for repaired products. The warranty period after MCS will depend on each country’s law. Thus Sigma Japan will not provide new warranty sheet. Please check the law in your country and apply the warranty after the service according to the law. We will return stamped application sheet, therefore applicants can claim such warranty after MCS by showing the application sheet.

20| If customer has manufacturer warranty valid, will it be invalid?

The longer period of either of the warranty after Mount Conversion or remaining manufacturer warranty will be valid.

21| If the Mount Converted lens is transferred to another user, how would we know the original mount ?

If you cannot recognize the lens please ask Sigma Japan then we will check the history of MCS.

22| the lens was customized using the USB Dock, what happens to the data?

Data including ones adjusted at service center will all be reset, and the lens will be initialized.

23| Should the parts exchanged be returned to the customer?

Due to environmental and safety concerns, we are not going to return them to customers unless the law prohibits it in the customer’s resident country.

If your country prohibits it and you distributor must return the parts to customers, we will return. Please check the law and let Sigma Japan know in advance. In case you have to return the parts, please inform customers in advance the returned parts are not reusable for new MCS or other repairs and they cannot claim discount for another service.

Please check the law in your country if it is necessary to return the parts removed.

24| How should we arrange the shipment to Aizu factory?

In order to save the cost, please combine to your shipment to Aizu factory with other repair items. When we send back to you, we will basically combine to the commercial shipment. For urgent issue, we will find alternative way.

25| What if the lens which customer apply for MCS is defective ?

Depending on the condition of customer's lens, Sigma Japan may not be able to accept it for the Mount Conversion Service. Depending on the condition of the lens, additional repair work may be necessary at additional cost. If additional work is necessary, Sigma Japan will inform distributor after checking.

When you receive the lens, firstly please check at your service center if there is no heavy damage. If there is any, please take picture in advance to avoid claim later. If the condition is too bad, please decline the service.

If you cannot judge, after arriving Japan, we will check the condition.

26| Can a dealer or retailer applies for changing the mount of the inventory?

Basically, only end-users are eligible for this service. If a dealer or another business partner wants to use this service, it is necessary to pay the necessary service charges.

27| What if we wish to change some sentences in press release or website in order to include information about local law or situation?

According to the local situation or law in each country, you can modify the sentence locally as far as the basic contents are following Sigma Japan’s concept of this service.

If it is against law and you must return parts to customers in your country, you can change the part mentioning “Sigma will not return parts” in FAQ or Application sheet.

28| Why this MCS is only for SGV products, and not for old lenses ?

Products launched after SGV concept are designed to support MCS. Thus MCS is available only for SGV.

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